The Kalsa origin story

Reimagining financial services for a networked world.

  1. Most of the people I interviewed had close to 80% of their investable money just sitting in cash


The second finding really intrigued me. For context, the people I had interviewed were mostly young professionals that understood that having money sit in cash was earning them virtually nothing (it was a negative return if you adjusted for inflation), but most importantly, it was hindering their ability to achieve things like buying a home or becoming financial independent — It didn't matter, they could not be bothered to put their money to work.

  1. The traditional bank experience left much to be desired
  2. Incumbent robo-advisors were simply not sophisticated enough to do what they wanted

Creating momentum

Understanding that there was an opportunity to create a business, the next step was to find someone to share the journey with. While I was lucky to have a network of people I thought would be good co-founders, there were not many of them that were at a stage where they could take the financial and professional risk of doing so.

Feedback loops

After moving into an office instead of working off downtown Toronto foodcourts (The CF Eaton Center does have wonderful Wi-fi though), we began building the first version of the product and iterating on functionality, aesthetics, and feature set. This process was guided through various user interviews that helped us understand the problem surface area at a much deeper level.

Multiplayer finance

Our thesis is centered around the belief that money is not the taboo subject that it used to be (think resumes before LinkedIn), and that there’s a growing population of digital-first consumers who want to save, invest, and “do money” with other people in a more frictionless manner (to a large degree this is already happening within apps like WeChat, AliPay, and Pinduoduo in Asia, and in NorthAmerica we see evidence of this in within WhatsApp, Reddit, and Discord).

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